Rose's watercolours & acrylics

Rose Savage originally joined Artists and Craftsmen of Pittwater in 1990. She first exhibited dried floral arrangements, which were quite fashionable at the time. Her first design was a very large palm sheath Wall Hanging, which she would work, turning inside out, hand sewing up the sides and finishing with an oil which would bring out the rich colour of the sheath. Then she would arrange Australian natives in it.

She soon discovered that she would have to come up with other designs, and so used what she felt would compliment the dried flowers. She made hessian sacks, used terracotta containers, fence palings, timber boards, anything that she could use with dried flowers.

Fashions change and Rose had to change too, so a few years later she became a folk artist, then after that a watercolorist and acrylic artist. She has painted with watercolour and acrylics since 1994.

Rose has attended classes on the Northern Beaches and also at the Mitchell School of Arts in Bathurst. The subjects that she has painted over the years have been and still are beach scenes, country scenes, birds, animals, nudes, still life and street scenes which is one of her favourites.

She won the Peter Campbell Art Award in 2008 for her Acrylic Street Scene. Her artistic journey continues as she paints from the never ending inspiration that surrounds us.