Judy's Textile and Silver Wire Crafts

Judy's life has moved through various phases. She was with CSIRO for 15 years, working with textiles. In 2001, she took up the craft of silversmithing, and then moved on to work with silver wire. Wire working proved to be a delightfully creative way of making beautiful shapes and she still loves making sterling silver pendants. She has gradually taken up other methods of making jewellery as well.

In recent years, she has returned to her original interest in textiles and takes great delight in the rich variety of yarns and fibres available today. She enjoys experimenting with different techniques for fabricating textiles.

Today, Judy enjoys using a combination of knotting and crochet to create scarves and other yarn products.

Apart from ACOP, Judy is a member of three other craft groups -

The Local Handcraft Association (LHA), which used to run the Handcraft Shop in Gordon and now rents spaces in Shopping Centres four times a year. Judy is a former president of LHA;

Avalon Craft Cottage which also has occasional sales in shopping centres and at Avalon Recreation Centre;

Epping Cottage Crafts, which has one annual sale in an Epping Scout Hall

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