Kim's Beads

Kim's passion for design developed from a young age where she enjoyed sketching up jewellery pieces; her background and qualifications in graphic design have helped her develop her skills in design and has been making costume jewellery since 1999.

Kim is well versed in the art of jewellery designing, making and tutoring. She loves to share her passion towards jewellery design and making, hoping to inspire others with her creations. Her pieces include a mixture of beading techniques and combines a wide range of materials such as semi-precious gems, crystals, pearls and many more, resulting in a distinctive collection of attractive pieces. Kim also makes unique custom made pieces to suit customer's needs, as well as redesigning and restringing pieces, especially those with sentimental value.

Kim currently teaches at local art centres and studios, she has also participated in many exhibitions with various organisations and schools around Sydney. Kim enjoys reading, cooking and travelling with her family during her spare time.

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