Sabrina's art

Undersea Tropical Impossible II The Wharf Shell Mind the rip King Parrot Hibiscus Coles Bay 2 Carry On Up The Vineyards

Sabrina is a self-taught artist, drawing cartoon strips as a teen for her own amusement, and sketching on any scrap paper she could find. Over the years has worked with soft pastels, oil pastels, watercolours, acrylics and mixed media. More recently she has embraced digital art using her iPad and Apple Pencil, creating vibrant art that ranges from abstract through illustrator to photorealistic.

Until she moved to Pittwater in 2021 Sabrina hadn’t picked up a brush for several years. She exhibited regularly at the Hunters Hill Art Show until 2012, winning a Highly Commended for her pastel Carry On Up the Vineyards in 2007.

She says Pittwater life with its natural beauty inspires her creative side, and lockdown in 2021 gave her the time to get back into art and creative writing.