Sonia Tchilingirian

King Parrot Fancy Free

Sonia remembers at school never thinking she was capable of any form of creative classes, let alone art.  In her adult years, after getting married, rearing two children and working, she found a need for something more.

This longing came to the forefront when her doctor suggested she pursue some form of relaxation due to the stresses of life.  She came upon art classes that were being held not far from where she lived. Her first teacher was Chris Cort. She showed Sonia a path to art that Sonia had never thought possible.

In the same year she joined the Folk and Decorative Artists Association, was able to attend quarterly meetings and join in the wonderful workshops that were organised for members by the dedicated committee. This group of ladies were so passionate about their art form and inspire her to this day to be the best she can be. That was in 1994.

Sonia is proud to say that she continues to be inspired, and find that she is always learning a new technique or form of art.