For Members

For Future Exhibitions

Artists: we need to know whether you will be exhibiting, to work out how many paintings each member can fit into the hall.  If you do not contact us, we will contact you.

Crafters: same problem, the hall has a limited number of tables and limited space.  If you have a large table, that is actually 2 tables joined.

A lot of planning goes into each exhibition, and your assistance in this matter really helps.

Normally the hall is no longer available to us for setting up the night before, so it is an early start.  Typically, we have to start setting up the hall at 7am, and you should be there by 8am, so that we can open to the public at 10am.  On the last day, please be there when we close ready to pack up, it is not a good look if you pack up early.  If you cannot be there for setting up, or for packing up, please contact us early, often we can organise someone to help.

We will confirm the details by email during the week before each exhibition.

For information about your eligibility for a free member webpage, see Website Member Pages

Note -
Annual membership fees (currently $30) are due within four weeks after our Annual General Meeting.  If you do not pay, you are not eligible to exhibit.  You can pay in person at any meeting, or at an exhibition, or by bank transfer.  Please contact us for our bank details.