Joining ACOP

If you are interested in joining us, and have art or a craft that you would like to exhibit and sell, then please get in touch.  New members join and old members retire every year, so we always welcome enquiries.

Guidelines for joining ACOP
We welcome applications to join Artists and Craftsmen of Pittwater. Membership is subject to selection by a committee of artists and crafters.

Selection is based on merit, on available exhibition space (because there has to be enough space in the Mona Vale hall for all of our members) and, for craft members, your craft will need to be different to what our existing members currently make.

You will need to show us examples of your art or craft, and fill out the membership application form. If accepted, initially you will have to pay the annual membership fee, which is currently $30.

Typically, we would like you to supply 3 to 5 examples of your recent work, which should be to a similar standard to what you see from other members on this website and at our exhibitions.

Your contribution to ACOP
As a member, the fees that you would need to pay are:
• The annual membership fee;
• A small fee at each exhibition you participate in; and
• A percentage commission on your sales.
These fees and the commission are used to pay our running costs; we are a non-profit organisation.

In addition, you will need to contribute the following:
• Share in manning the sales/enquiries table (typically for one half day each exhibition);
• Attend our member meetings where all decisions are made;
• For crafters, set up and take down your own work at our exhibitions, and store your table covers between exhibitions.
We also appreciate assistance in setting up the hall.

You can download our Membership application form HERE.